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Science Matters

Oliventures is committed to the idea that science matters and our product formulations are guided by research we directly conduct and sponsor as well as scientific studies done over the last several decades by well-respected institutions on the role natural ingredients play in supporting the body’s natural response to disease.*
Clinical trials and the results of scientific research on the role of natural ingredients in supporting the body’s natural response to disease should be interpreted by trained health care professionals. Laboratory and animal trials do not always predict how a particular ingredient will behave in the human body and not all people respond in the same manner. Human clinical trials can be limited by the number and type of patients involved and the design of the trial itself.
As such, the information presented herein is intended for the review and interpretation of health care professionals only.
TrePhenol Pre-Clinical Research
PrediMed Study
PureVida Clinical Trial

* Oliventures’ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.